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  • Central Heating Gas Safe PlumbingWhen it come to central heating we all want to be warm in the colder months, so when the boiler stops working most of us start to panic.

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  • Plumbing Gas Safe PlumbingPlumbing is the core service that we have been offering for more than 35 years with an established reputation for quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

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  • Bathrooms Gas Safe PlumbingIf you’re thinking about a new bathroom, you’ve come to the right place. Duval Plumbing offer a full design and installation service, with qualified fitters and creative design specialists to make the most of your space.

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  • Gas Safe Plumbing DrainageDuval Plumbing has experienced, qualified and trained drain services teams and are experts in dealing professionally with all types of drainage blockages

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  • Boiler Service & Repair Gas Safe PlumbingMost of us have a boiler that supplies us with hot water when we need it and heating in the colder months. But did you know that around 90% of us never have the boiler serviced or checked over till it breaks down

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  • Showers Gas Safe PlumbingShowers are now more popular than baths these days, There is a wide range to choose from.
    The most popular shower valve fitted these days is the bar thermostatic valve. All the pipe work is hidden within the wall

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  • Gas Safe Gas Safe PlumbingThe Gas Safe Register exists to help protect you, your family and your home from dangerous gas work and all Gas Safe registered engineers carry a Gas Safe Register ID card.



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  • Gas Safe Plumbing General Maintenance Duval Plumbing offers a full maintenance service on all plumbing and heating within your home.
    Many people do not  realise that they're plumbing and heating needs regular maintenance

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    Let us keep you up to date with our current offers by just entering your name and email address in the box at the top of this page. You could save 10% on your boiler repair just by entering your name. You could even win a free Boiler service with our monthly draw. I know it might not sound much, but in these hard times, every little helps. So don’t forget to enter your name and email.

    If you are running a very old central heating system, IE 15 years plus, then chances are you are throwing your hard-earned money away. With today’s modern boilers you could be saving around 35-40% on your current gas bill.

    So my tip for saving money is before you consider going for a boiler repair if your boiler is over 15 years old, consider fitting a new up to date condensing boiler and start saving on your fuel bills.

    Always be safe when you are having any form of gas work carried out. Make sure the engineer is Gas Safe Registered. Ask to to the Gas Safe card. Check that it is up to date, also that the engineer is registered for the type of work that is be carried out. If the work is on your boiler look for boilers on the back of the card.

    If the engineer cannot produce the Gas Safe card then you should ask them to leave, they may not be registered to work on gas.


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